Thursday, 15 June 2006

Square One

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, June 15, 2006 with 6 comments
“Under the surface trying to break through”
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Reading other runners' blogs is something I do every day. It is a good way to get inspired to carry on, whether it is one of those rare blue days one would have thrown in the towel, if one had a towel, or whether it is one of those happy days when everything's fine, the kitchen installers have done the right thing, and my training is up to date.

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Speaking of which, I see Strewth has joined Team M. Welcome!

“You just want somebody listening to what you say”

I do have a towel by the way, a nice new blue Doomben Half finisher's towel. That was a good idea, race organisers, prizes should be things you can eat, and/or wear, and/or carry around with your racing kit.

I see that Belconnen's weather yesterday ranged from minus seven to plus eight. That's almost illegal, isn't it? It was OK though, there was no wind. One had to be very careful, however, not to slip on the ice on the front steps when retrieving the morning paper.

"The future's for discovering the space in which we're travelling"

My eldest grandchild (of the nine we currently have) is seven years old today. Phew! Makes one realise the days are ticking past fast. Happy Birthday Kayleigh.

“You wonder if your chance will ever come
Or if you're stuck in square one”

I do feel like I restart from square one after every hard effort requiring recovery. Oh for those younger days when I could bounce back to form in minutes!!


  1. Footnote 1. It is still minus one degree at 11am today. And we are training at Dickson tonight. Are we crazy? Will there be thick fog across the track?

    Footnote 2. Compulsory viewing, "Johnny Warren's Football Mission", 8:30pm tonight on SBS.

    Footnote 3. Go the Aussies against Brazil next Monday morning!

  2. Thanks Geoff. I'm looking to double the distance in your neck of the woods in April next year.

    You really do have some quick times there. That's the challenge for me now with my first Half finish out of the way - do it better!

    Still -1 degree at 11am is just not right unless you're in a ski resort!!

  3. Today was the coldest day in the history of the world!!! For me anyway - tonight at 6.45pm I was playing touch football and I watched the frost settling on the grass - unreal!!

    Today I had lunch at the Mt Stromlo Observatory - every fence, tree and rock on the drive up was white with frost - it was minus 1.5 degrees at 12 noon up there - what is it with that - bring on the track season - I will never complain when it is 38 degrees ever again!!!

  4. Anonymous15 June, 2006


    heh it's scorching here. and training takes place from 2pm till around 5pm, the time of the day when the rubber of spike shoes "burn" our hands when we pick them up...

    unfortunately, 2pm-5pm is the time when the stadium is empty. once it hits 5.30pm, the track CROWDS. win some and lose some...

  5. No wonder only 11 of us turned up at training tonight - talk about crazy! I kept Tony's gloves on for the entire session but I did note you were still in shorts!! Brrrrr!

  6. Yes it was colder here today than yesterday. The minus beat the plus!The range was minus six to plus five, but the plus five was for about five minutes mid afternoon I reckon, and probably only in someone's imagination. It was still zero at midday in Holt! Now that's not right. Bruce almighty!

    It was officially the coldest Canberra June 15th on record.

    Hey but I really enjoyed the 1km reps and I totalled 15km in all including a looong warmup run.