Thursday, 18 May 2006

custom built

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Customs 5k 30th anniversary next month
Customs Joggers had their first recognised handicap run on Friday, 11th of June, 1976. As most of you will know, they have about 50 handicaps each year. Their 30th anniversary run will be held on Friday, 16 June, this year. We are trying to get as many of our past runners as possible, (and new runners/walkers as well), to celebrate this occasion.

The event starts near the toilets, about 100 metres from the front of Stage 88. It is run on a handicap basis, on a gross time of 35 minutes,with the gun going off at 12.15 pm, but this time we will have earlier starts for those who are now just walkers or even gentler runners.
If you are arriving by car, there is a parking area near the Archbishop's House and then walk towards the Stage 88. There will be the normal first, second and third prizes for regular runners and barrell prizes for all competitors. Most of these are from The Runners Shop.
There will be snacks and biscuits available, along with different types of drinks. Different types of barrel prizes will be supplied which will partially be paid for from the $2 event fee.
For more information, contact Rick Hatcher on 6258 5465.

Masters Cross Country

My style is shot! Looks like I have developed a "rolling" style to compensate for the soreness of having run a marathon. Needs work!
Ron Vines is in the foreground (#6134) looking a lot better than I am.

Ron is Margaret McSpadden's brother-in-law. Photo taken by Jeni Greenland.


  1. Thanks for the post, however the 30th Customs Anniversary run is 16th June, next month, not "this Friday".

  2. oops! I shouldn't post in the mornings, I don't know what month it is! Fixed now. Anyway, there is a customs run on every Friday, everyone is welcome to come along to any and all of them.

  3. I'll book you in for some remedial form correction classes Geoff.

    At least you weren't wearing long pants like that wuss Mick Horan!