Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Old Photographs #3

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This is an interesting one. It's from the winter season of 1984. I'm not sure of the race - perhaps the ACT 25k road championships. Yes, for some strange reason, half a marathon wasn't long enough back then.

There are a couple of interstate runners competing. The blue singlet on the left is from the Victorian Glenhuntly club. Who is the runner? How many of this crowd are still running in 2006? Looks like a typical Canberra day - no gloves or beanies and plenty of sun. The race must have been in April or March! Also on the front line are a couple of classy 1500 metre runners.

Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Old Photographs #2

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Speedygeoff is migrating north for some mid-winter sun so I thought I'd post these two old photographs. They're from the 1980's.

Does any reader recognise the athlete on the left? Or any of the other athletes? One of them is from South Australia! The occassion was a track meeting at Sydney Athletic Field. The athlete on the left was better known as a marathon runner but on this occassion she won the 1500 metres in a time of around 4:10.

She commenced her career as a track runner and moved from 1500 up to 3000 metres because she couldn't 'sprint' and win international 1500s. At this time there was no 5000 metre race for women at the Olympics so she tried marathon running and did very well. I think this shows that being fast at shorter distances is helpful even for marathon runners.

Monday, 29 May 2006

Come on, back!

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ACTVAC handicap results

Oakey Hill 7.5k
3 Barbara Williams W60 42:12
10 Helen Larmour W45 35:32
17 Roger Pilkington M45 32:08
19 Caroline Campbell W60 41:06
20 Rod Lynch M45 30:34
26 Christopher Lang M55 40:02
27 David Baussman M45 35:58
33 Alan Duus M60 37:35
39 Geoff Moore M55 32:57
40 Barbara Tucker W55 43:09
43 John Alcock M60 37:49
57 Ruth Baussmann W55 44:34
70 David Webster M50 32:54
75 Geoff Barker M60 40:17
78 Graeme Small M60 45:14
83 Mick Saunders M55 37:24
84 Cathy Newman W45 38:13
85 John Kennedy M55 34:36
90 Margaret McSpadden W55 45:23
93 Charmaine Knobel W50 40:52
94 Tony Booth M65 40:21
95 Rae Palmer W55 43:03
103 Mick Charlton M50 42:31

Oakey Hill 3.5k
10 Ken Gordon M40 14:11
12 Gary Bowen M45 14:34
13 Kerry Boden W45 20:44
21 Neil Boden M55 16:37
22 Katie Forestier W40 15:43

My training progress

last week's target 80k actual 86k
this week’s target 80k? (whatever I can fit in when travelling)
quote of the week “ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put”
weight 65kg
song of the week
Come on Back To Me – Third Day, from "Wire"

You’ve been hiding now for so long
Never understanding why
Running far away from the truth
And all along chasing after lies

I have loved you from the beginning
Long before you knew my name
Even though you’ve broken my heart
I’ll love you just the same
I’ll love you anyway

Never mind your worries
Never mind your fears
They can only take you far from me
When you feel there’s nowhere
Left for you to turn
Well, I got all you want
And everything you need
Come on back to me

Do you believe in second chances
Or in a love that never fades
Put your faith in what you can’t see
Just put your hand in mine
And I’ll show you the way

My back is great, I came through the Oakey Hill effort with flying colours. Now for the big one next week. The Queensland Half. Something to which to look forward.

Sunday, 28 May 2006

News Wrap

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Saturday's Carillon 6k results
11. Caroline Campbell W60 34:28
12. Barbara Tucker W55 35:18
Image Hosted by

35. Ewen Thompson M45 30:29
37. Ken Eynon M60 30:44
38. Mick Saunders M55 30:57
39. Neil Boden M55 31:28
41. Geoff Barker M60 33:10

Sale. Don’t forget to get to the runners shop for their June shoe sale.

Trail. The perfect running trail..

Saturday, 27 May 2006

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

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I managed a long run yesterday. Mr Flibble told me it was 18.1 km and 104 minutes. I haven't had time to try downloading and analysing the data yet.

This is a ten minute pb for the course - probably because I was listening to a new music list. I don't think I am suddenly that much fitter!

Hearts of the Innocent – Kutless
Lonely Nation – Switchfoot
Roots in Stereo – P.O.D.
Square One – Coldplay
Tunnel – Third Day
Eagles – Third Day
Lights Out – P.O.D.
Shut Me Out – Kutless
Stars – Switchfoot
What If – Coldplay
Beyond the Surface – Kutless
Cry Out to Jesus – Third Day
Happy is a Yuppy Word – Switchfoot
If You Could See Me Now – P.O.D.
White Shadows – Coldplay
Fix You – Coldplay
Goodbye For Now – P.O.D.
I Can Feel It – Third Day
Smile – Kutless
The Shadow Proves The Sunshine – Switchfoot
Easier Than Love – Switchfoot
Keep On Shinin’ – Third Day
Promise of a Lifetime – Kutless
Sounds Like War – P.O.D.
Talk – Coldplay
Communion – Third Day
On the Grind – P.O.D.

Today I ran another 5k easy in preparation for racing tomorrow. I am not all that confident, as my back still feels sore.

Friday, 26 May 2006

A Message

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Lake G Handicap (from Ian Clout)
"Just a reminder that the next Lake Ginninderra Handicap run is on Tuesday 30 May. As the bike path is still closed at the normal start line, the registration point is behind the Bella Vista in the car park.

"In line with their new corporate uniform initiative, runners from DIMA will be required to have shirts tucked in and shoes laces properly tied.

"As mentioned at the last run, one of the organisers, Michael Aylott, has transferred to Melbourne with work. The remaining organisers would therefore welcome offers of assistance so that they can do the occasional run themselves. It's not difficult, especially when a few people can share the load. So please email me back if you're prepared to help out, even if it's only a couple of times during the year.

"Finally, if you wish to donate a bit more than a gold coin to the Cancer Council and get a receipt for tax purposes, please bring your donation on Tuesday or contact me in the next couple of weeks."

I will add the handicap to my "coming events" list.

Dickson training
Over twenty runners were at Dickson last night to enjoy or endure a set of 600 metre runs with equal-time recovery. I had a good hard workout, that's two days in a row! It was great to see John Morton return to the training group.

If you want to see a really good write-up of this and other training sessions we do as they happen, Strewth usually attends both Monday and Thursday training at present and summarises each session very well in her blog.

A Message From God
One day God was looking down at Earth and saw all of the rascally behavior that was going on. He decided to send an angel down to Earth to check it out.

He called one of His angels and sent the angel to Earth for a time.

When he returned, he told God, "Yes, it is bad on Earth: 95% are misbehaving and 5% are not."

He thought for a moment and said, "Maybe I had better send down a second angel to get another opinion." So God called another angel and sent him to Earth for a time too.

When the angel returned he went to God and said, "Yes, the Earth is in decline; 95% are misbehaving and 5% are being good."

God was not pleased.

So God decided to E-mail the 5% that were good because He wanted to encourage them. Give them a little something to help them keep going.

Do you know what that E-mail said ? ? ?


I didn't get one either.

Thursday, 25 May 2006

Introducing Mr Flibble

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Dark Mondays
A reminder to everyone who trains with me Mondays to bring a TORCH to Parliament House. Bring two!

The New Mr Flibble

Mr Flibble is my new Garmin 305 which arrived yesterday. So this is what the 21st century feels like.

And watch out for new technology like this! Change is faster and furiouser than ever.

Half Marathon

SMH half results can be found here. I see Don finished in the famous 666th place.

My running

In the BBQ Stakes yesterday I ran within three seconds of my course pb (one full clockwise lap, the normal direction). Does this mean I am suddenly, somehow, back on track despite being nowhere near recovered from injury?! Maybe I can run a sub 90 minute half next week?

The original Mr Flibble

Here he is. From the "Quarantine" episode of Red Dwarf V. The best episode of them all. "Mr Flibble is very cross."

Wednesday, 24 May 2006

10 cubic meters

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A 10 cubic metre skip was sufficient for the debris from the demolition job done on our old kitchen plus some of the accumulated junk from 36 years of living in the same house, mostly from the garage. But wait there's more! There are still two room fulls of stuff we will want to throw out. We will have to order another skip down the track! Maybe not quite as big?

How you voted
speedygeoff's filter of the AGM of the ACT Veterans Athletic Club held last night at Wests leaves us with the following information

Great venue. Much better than the crappy places we have met in past years.

Great food too.

Great club. There is none better than the ACTVAC. The 45 or so people at the AGM - the low numbers in itself a sign that members are happy and don't want change - overwhelmingly approved the actions and directions of the club.

Our President's message focused on the challenge that we cannot just "carry on" with ongoing administrative business, but we also must contribute to keeping people active in our society at large. We are an organ through which people can deliver programs to help an aging society. We must protect that role and look to other activities and other collaborations to progress that.

Two new faces in a small turnover of committee members (not the 100% of last year!) saw Craig Wisdom elected to the committee, and Rosemary Parker, a former club secretary, rejoining the committee. The Secretary's position remained vacant and will be covered by the committee until a permanent secretary can be found.

Treasurer acclaimed as the finances were accepted with joy and a stamp of approval on the new budget. A very large surplus because of some one-off income means the club can repay members via holding membership fees as is, and reducing weekly track entry charges from $5 per person to $3 per person for 2006-07.

The new committee
Patron Jack Pennington
President Geoff Sims
Vice President Christopher Lang
Secretary vacant
Treasurer Will Foster
George Kubitzky
Peter McDonald
Roger Pilkington
Rosemary Parker
Craig Wisdom

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Aki Installation

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Our kitchen is being installed today and tomorrow with mostly everything completed by Friday. Painting and some flooring will wait. Aki (Australian Kitchen Industries) supplied the kitchen so I half expected a young slender jogger-lady with an ultra-long ponytail to do the installation but no, it was two young men doing the work. Competency with lego preferred but not essential.

Head for the Hills
On Monday night we reverted to a hill session we hadn't done for a year or so, not since the grassy slopes around Parliament House had been dug up and then left unattended for ages.

Trevor, Zel and I had an early run up Mugga Way and back down Flinders Way at 4:30pm, before we met everyone else for the main warm-up run at 5:30pm. Then after everyone had warmed up, the group's fast work consisted of six reps of a circuit on five minutes; the speedier runners took about 2:40 and the tailenders up to 3:40.

The circuit took in three sprints up a nice little hill and two loops joining the top of the hill to the bottom. On completion, runners jogged back down the hill to wait for the five minute whistle before starting again.

I was delighted to see Jennifer K turn up for her first Parliament House training session; another seriously fast Veteran Sprinter joins the group. We welcomed back CJ, I remember her excelling on these hills in the past. John A and Charmaine made welcome returns, and Annette rocked up the first time for a while. Altogether, 22 runners trained with us last night.

The new grass was soft and great to run on. There was no moon and the sky was clear of clouds which would have reflected the lights of Canberra, so it was very dark. Torches essential.

Over and Out

Monday, 22 May 2006


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last week target 80k actual 60k
this week’s target 80k plus?
song of the week"The Blues" Switchfoot, from "Nothing is Sound"

Is this the New Year or just another night?
Is this the new fear or just another fright?
Is this the new tear or just another desperation?

Is this the finger or just another fist?
Is this the kingdom or just a hit n' miss?
A misdirection, most in all this desperation

Is this what they call freedom?
Is this what you call pain?
Is this what they call discontented fame?

It'll be a day like this one
When the world caves in
When the world caves in
When the world caves in

I'm singing this one like a broken piece of glass
From broken arms an' broken noses in the back
Is this the New Year or just another desperation?

You're pushing till you're shoving
You bend until you break
Till you stand on the broken fields where our fathers lay

It'll be a day like this one
When the world caves in
When the world caves in
When the world caves in
When the world caves in
When the world caves in
When the world caves in

There's nothing here worth saving,
Is no one here at all?
Is there any net left that could break our fall?

It'll be a day like this one
When the sky falls down and the hungry and poor and deserted are found
Are you discontented? Have you been pushing hard?
Have you been throwing down this broken house of cards?

It'll be a day like this one
When the world caves in
When the world caves in
When the world caves in

Is there nothing left now?
Nothing left to sing
Are there any left who hasn't kiss the enemy?
Is this the New Year or just another desperation?

Does justice never find you? Do the wicked never lose?
Is there any honest song to sing besides these blues?

And nothing is okay
Till the world caves in
Till the world caves in
Till the world caves in
Till the world caves in
Till the world caves in
Until the world caves in
Until the world caves in
Until the world caves in
Until the world caves in
Until the world caves in
Until the world caves in

quote of the week “In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.” - Terry Pratchett

Team Moore Results North Lyneham 6.2k
7. Maria O'Reilly W50 28:12
13. Kathy Sims W50 32:28
14. Barbara Tucker W55 34:53
14. Roger Pilkington M45 25:55
37. Peter McDonald M50 30:41
38. Neil Boden M55 30:50
45. Geoff Sims M55 34:00

Team Moore Results North Lyneham 3.1k
8. Roger Pilkington M45 12:26
21. Katie Forestier W40 13:48
31. Barbara Williams W60 17:33

SMH Half Marathon
Martin first Anthony second. Go ACT!
I haven't forgotten that Anthony trained with us for twelve months as he got his athletics career going.

Sunday, 21 May 2006


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I finally found the jogalong results from 2 weeks ago. And quite a few training group members ran. Including Michelle, expecting her second baby in a month or so. (OK, she walked)
21. Barbara Tucker 33:34
31. Michelle Wells 54:59
69. Amanda Walker 32:53
77. Helen Larmour 27:40
85. Katie Forestier 27:37
92. Pam Faulks 33:23
98. Barbara Williams 35:33
107. Charmaine Knobel 30:33
112. Caroline Campbell 32:17
152. Annemarie Calnan 34:01

I have just loaded IE7. It looks a bit different from IE6. Quite good, really. But the appearance of fonts on these pages is a bit strange to the eye. Interesting.

Saturday, 20 May 2006

My kitchen's gone!

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I am planning to run the Oakey Hill familiarisation run at 9:00 tomorrow, if people want to meet there.

We have completely dismantled our old kitchen in preparation for the new one to be installed next week.
Nothing's left, not even the kitchen sink.

Friday, 19 May 2006

Volunteer of the Year

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Mr David Hobson, of the ACT Cross Country Club and occasional runner with the ACT Vets, accepting his award as 'Volunteer of the Year 2006' in the 'Sport and Recreation Category'.

Thursday, 18 May 2006

custom built

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Customs 5k 30th anniversary next month
Customs Joggers had their first recognised handicap run on Friday, 11th of June, 1976. As most of you will know, they have about 50 handicaps each year. Their 30th anniversary run will be held on Friday, 16 June, this year. We are trying to get as many of our past runners as possible, (and new runners/walkers as well), to celebrate this occasion.

The event starts near the toilets, about 100 metres from the front of Stage 88. It is run on a handicap basis, on a gross time of 35 minutes,with the gun going off at 12.15 pm, but this time we will have earlier starts for those who are now just walkers or even gentler runners.
If you are arriving by car, there is a parking area near the Archbishop's House and then walk towards the Stage 88. There will be the normal first, second and third prizes for regular runners and barrell prizes for all competitors. Most of these are from The Runners Shop.
There will be snacks and biscuits available, along with different types of drinks. Different types of barrel prizes will be supplied which will partially be paid for from the $2 event fee.
For more information, contact Rick Hatcher on 6258 5465.

Masters Cross Country

My style is shot! Looks like I have developed a "rolling" style to compensate for the soreness of having run a marathon. Needs work!
Ron Vines is in the foreground (#6134) looking a lot better than I am.

Ron is Margaret McSpadden's brother-in-law. Photo taken by Jeni Greenland.

Wednesday, 17 May 2006

half photos

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There will be more photos, full photos, half photos, all kinds of photos. I will be posting photos of all kinds of events as time permits. Specially if I purchase a camera soon. Or will I buy a 305 next? Decisions decisions. Meanwhile Allrounder's half photos are not half good! Congratulations on a great pb.

Foood is goood

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Team Moore Dinner Photos

I spoke

I still spoke

Margaret gets a koala

photos by Ken

Another food opportunity
Annual General Meeting - This is a reminder that the ACTVAC AGM is to be held at 7:30 pm, Tuesday 23 May 2006 at the West District Rugby Union Club in Catchpole Street, Macquarie. The committee encourages you to attend and advises that supper will be provided.

B1 and B2 have left the building

Riki the cat guarding the last of the bananas. Photo taken 13 March. No bananas have been seen since.

I have had bananas with my breakfast almost every day since 1962 until now...

Tuesday, 16 May 2006

The C word

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It all starts here.

To be a winner, all you need to give is all you have.

The winners of the prestigious Caramel Koala awards at last night's Team Moore dinner were -

Maria O'Reilly. Attended more training sessions than anyone else in the group. And her results reflect that!

Margaret McSpadden. Inaugural female winner of the Moore 3000 trophy.

Monday, 15 May 2006

Aki to Zel

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I forgot that the Half Marathon results would appear on an obscure web site, not the Cross Country Club one.

Team Moore results
93. David Webster M50 1:33:00
104. Geoff Moore M55 1:34:21
116. John Kennedy M55 1:35:54
126. Gary Bowen M45 1:36:31
146. Jeni Greenland 1:37:59
171. Zel Bodulovic M50 1:39:20
200. Thea Zimpel 1:41:41
214. David Baussmann M55 1:43:12
216. John Alcock M60 1:43:37
226. Cathy Newman W45 1:44:46
251. John Stoney M40 1:48:31
293. Caroline Campbell W60 1:52:12
351. Carolyne Kramar W40 1:59:17
359. Barbara Williams W60 2:00:34
360. Ruth Baussmann W55 2:00:38
364. Margaret McSpadden W55 2:02:00
Barbara Tucker W55 dnf – taken out by a bicycle

Relay Teams
4. Speedy Geese FF 1:36:12 - Maria O'Reilly, Charlie McCormack.

Caroline won the W60 section; Speedy Geese was the first female relay team; Thea took about nine minutes off her pb; Zel about five minutes off his.

One of my new rules of thumb should be - avoid gym work for six weeks before any important race. (CJ would do well to note this too!). Otherwise if it's not an important race just train through and take what comes, but don't expect a pb.

Did I miss anyone? (Can happen).


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last week did very little except "raced" the half marathon
this week’s target 80km plus?
song of the week - Everything by Lifehouse
quote of the week "If we aren't supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?"

The Jogalong results from the 7th and the Half results from the 14th are not available yet, so I will have to talk about something else... despite the crummy time I ran in the Half, my next target is the Queensland Half at Doomben in three weeks time, when I may plan to set off at 4:10 per km, slightly faster than yesterday. Up in Brisbane as long as the course is flat I should be OK with this, for as far as I can tell heat is not a limiting factor at the moment in my running, rather injury is. Let's just hope my back problems repair by then.

There was so much traffic on the course yesterday it's a wonder more people were not injured. From our training group, Barbara T had an altercation with a cyclist and was at the finish line somewhat bloodied. Her glasses were smashed, I hope she is alright. A half marathon is bad enough without that. And the doughy girl who did it just rode off.

A reminder to look up regularly the “coming events" link in the side bar. I keep it up to date. That way you will be sure that training sessions or on, or when any special events might be happening. Like tonight.

Have a good week everybody.

Sunday, 14 May 2006

Closing the Gap

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Today's Canberra Half Marathon has come and gone with some quite good times and some not-quite-as-good times on a beautiful autumn day - actually I would have preferred fog and frost at the start to the clear sunshine, but I am sure the nice weather brought the runners out.

An off day
Everyone wants to know the result of the race-off between yours truly and the Speedy Geese Team. Hardly a fair race; both the team and I were handicapped and had off days. I ended up running SLOWER than I ran at Weston Creek; marginally so anyway. My splits (at EXACTLY the half way mark, and at the finish) were 45:00 and 49:20. I ran around the 4:15 per km target pace to about 15km, and then my back seized up. I had strained it badly a week ago doing hip flexor exercises (Southy please note) and had done little or no running since that happened. I felt reasonably OK for the first 15 km but the final 6km were excruciating and I was forced to jog, at times a fast jog and at other times close to stopping.

The geese are closing the gap
Speedy Geese suffered their first blow when the chief goose went home sick, and the second as the other two members discovered they had to run 10.5km each instead of 7km. The splits for the two runners were 46:20 and about 49:50. The good news is they ended up FASTER than the time the Speedy Geese ran at Weston Creek; marginally so anyway. The other bit of good news is they were the first two-person team to finish. They came in after me by just under two minutes.

Aki to Zel
Official results will appear soon. Some people, ranging from Aki to Zel, ran massive PBs. I will publish full Team Moore results when available.

Everyone has an off day; seems like mothers' day 2006 is best forgotten for some of us. Others will long remember it as a stepping stone to greater things.

Saturday, 13 May 2006


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Pete Murray - "Opportunity"

Friday, 12 May 2006


Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, May 12, 2006 with 3 comments
Some of the running blogs I read contain quite a bit of detail - needless detail? - about seemingly everyday occurrences. We learn about the latest niggles, the time run for every km of today's training, the wind direction, what was eaten during the day. Ho hum. Nevertheless these running blogs are fascinating compared with this blog. Highly recommended. A sample post -

Today I parallel parked. I first used my turn signal to indicate the direction of the parking spot I wanted to park in. Then I pulled ahead of the space until I had pulled up beside the car parked in front of the space. My rear bumper was even with that car's rear bumper with about 2 feet of road between us. I then put the car in reverse and began to back up slowly. As soon as the car started moving, I turned the wheel as far as it would go toward the curb. I then proceeded to back slowly into the space. When the back of my car's front door was even with the rear bumper of the car beside me, I began turning the wheel away from the curb. I continued to turn the wheel away from the curb and backed slowly into the space. Finally, I straightened out the wheel, then pulled forward, and then back in the space as I needed to center myself between the cars in front of and behind me. At the time of being finished with the parking procedure, my car was 6 to 8 inches from the curb.

Thursday, 11 May 2006

Bizarre Blog Finds

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The top line is Peter - a goose - Rae - "bloody knees" - Griffin - Chris Martin of Coldplay - and a shot of CJ lurking at the front of a half marathon start line.

The second line is Vicki - Lola aka Aki? - Strewth, Kath and Charmaine - Helen - Colin - Caroline (not FD, who spells it differently anyway) - Sarah, Kt, Jenny and Karen - Annette - Kevin and me - Maria and Jenny - and finally, how to cool down when running a marathon on a hot day.

I have several versions of the banner which I will change around every now and then.

Some Race results
I have been waiting for more race results to appear so I can publish our training group times..

Cooleman Ridge
Quite a few ran the short course instead of doing the whole thing.

Result of short course (5k)
12. Caroline Campbell W60 27:03
17. Ewen Thompson M45 24:38

Sunday's Jogalong 6k Maria, Katie and Helen ran.. Still no results published...

Video blogging
Now that I have managed to include a video in a post (see Herb, below), the plan is to figure out how to get videos taken by my CoolPix 5900 camera up onto the blog. Also I will see if it's possible to add simple audio files.

Green shoes are catching on
Another running blogger has caught the green shoes bug!

Bizarre blog finds
I am often amused by the strange things people put in search engines which end up with them finding my site.

For example
"how to eat for 400m races" (they got my “quinces” post!)
"newman school"
"song lyrics "Craig Edwards""
"maria moore"
"geoff moore and the distance" (a US band)
"Lyrics to Home Run By Geoff Moore"
"duman school girl"
"running funny team names"
"How to run a feast Half Marathon" (presumably they meant “fast”, but they still found me)
"kfc application on line in tyler" (I must have mentioned my grandson Tyler, but not in the same breath as kfc!)
"running team names"
"running a marathon when pregnant"

This site is often high in the list of sites returned by search engines. Just occasionally, we are hit one.

For example, the following search texts put us at the top of the list
"pic of a 400m running track"
"photo lyneham house"

Finally, I only have a record of these when they actually open up this blog to have a look.

Welcome Stranger!

Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Herb Elliott

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Herb Elliot won the 1500m at the Rome Olympics at the age of 22 in a new world record time, 3:35.6. Not only are world records rare at an Olympics; runner usually don't blitz the field in the way Herb Elliott did. Herb only ever lost one race over 1500 metres or the mile and during his career he broke the four-minute mile on 17 occasions.

The first time you view this video, give it time to buffer.

Tuesday, 9 May 2006

Facing the Facts

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Don’t Step on Ducks!
Three women die together in an accident and go to heaven. When they get there, St. Peter says, “We only have one rule here in heaven: don’t step on the ducks!”

So they enter heaven, and sure enough, there are ducks all over the place. It is almost impossible not to step on a duck, and although they try their best to avoid them, the first woman accidentally steps on one. Along comes St. Peter with the ugliest man she ever saw. St. Peter chains them together and says, “Your punishment for stepping on a duck is to spend eternity chained to this ugly man!”

The next day, the second woman steps accidentally on a duck and along comes St. Peter, who doesn’t miss a thing. With him is another extremely ugly man. He chains them together with the same admonishment as for the first woman.

The third woman has observed all this and, not wanting to be chained for all eternity to an ugly man, is very, VERY careful where she steps. She manages to go months without stepping on any ducks, but one day St. Peter comes up to her with the most handsome man she has ever laid eyes on - very tall, long eyelashes, muscular, and thin. St. Peter chains them together without saying a word.

The happy woman says, “I wonder what I did to deserve being chained to you for all of eternity?”

The guy says, “I don’t know about you, but I stepped on a duck!”

One liners
Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.

Women like silent men, they think they're listening.

Men are from earth. Women are from earth. Deal with it.

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A fool and his money are soon partying.

If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?

Monday, 8 May 2006

More physio needed

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Saturday's Cooleman Ridge Result
3. Maria O'Reilly W50 37:34
6. Barbara Williams W60 46:44
26. Peter McDonald M50 40:43
Not many starters!

Yesterday's Jogalong result - don't know, I was at a birthday party at the time!

Hea Comes Thea
Thea has in the last few days run some huge pbs. Firstly the Customs 5k in 21:16, which must be close to a one minute pb, then a 10k road run in 44:05, which is a 3 minute pb. Watch out, she's coming to getcha! Congratulations on being the biggest recent improver.

Dinner reminder
I mentioned the dinner at Please let me know by this Thursday if you are coming or not.

My progress
last week’s target 110km achieved only 81 km, but two good sessions in the gym
this week’s target ease off for the half marathon. But my lower back seized up yesterday and it doesn’t look too good for this week! My back has been good (until now) for the last three years, but I have had lots of trouble in the past.

Year of the Crow
Round 1 Pies 77 Crows 111
Round 2 Crows 88 Eagles 90
Round 3 Demons 97 Crows 102
Round 4 Freo 59 Crows 70
Round 5 Crows 132 Bulldogs 55
Round 6 Crows 103 Port 53

After six rounds the top three are Pies, Crows, and Eagles, all with one loss. Eagles play Pies next week while we have an easy one against the Kangaroos.

I keep the results updated here via "mo(o)re links" so I won’t bother you with them again (until the finals!)

Sunday, 7 May 2006

Keep On Running

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Saturday, 6 May 2006


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Numbers on a cool night for the hardy few
What we did on Thursday on my birthday - 25 people trained at Dickson, 18 of whom ran in 6 relay teams of 3, while of the others 2 left early, 1 only walked, 2 arrived late and jogged around, and 2 jogged in reverse & were reserves for the relay teams. Each relay team member did 6 400s in lane 4 with a 400m jog in lane 6. I was 58.

Running in a warm climate
As we brace ourselves for a Canberra winter, some might be interested in training up for a track competition in November in Queensland?
There is a big Masters competition at the Gold Coast this year. It is the 2006 Pan Pacific Masters Games. Distances range up to 10k on the track.

Competition Dates:
Track & Field - Saturday 4 - Tuesday 7 November
Cross Country - Sunday 5 November

Venue Details:
Track & Field - Gold Coast City Athletics Track, University Drive, Griffith University, Southport
Cross Country - To be confirmed
Road Race Walk - Gold Coast City Council grounds, off Bundall Rd, Bundall

More info here including the competition program.

Stretching is for everyone

Friday, 5 May 2006

Many an anemone sees an enemy anemone

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Say that ten times quickly!

Lano & Woodley

The funniest comedians in the world will be in Canberra on 26 and 27 May, see I don't suppose there will be enough interest for a group booking?

Girlie Men

Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been annoying his opponents by referring to them as "girlie men." For example, "To those critics who are so pessimistic about our economy, I say, Don't be economic girlie men!" (at the Republican convention) and "They cannot have the guts to come out there in front of you and say, 'I don't want to represent you. I want to represent those special interests: the unions, the trial lawyers.' ... I call them girlie-men. They should get back to the table and they should finish the budget" (to opponents in Sacramento). However, some of those opponents have decided to run with the name and have now created their own T-shirts.

Fishy Story

Helen asked me to put her son's big fish on the website. No girlie man he!

Thursday, 4 May 2006

Miners are Fighters

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When I made Foo Fighters' "Friend of a Friend" my "song of the week" on Monday, little did I know the group would hit the headlines today as the music of choice for one of the trapped Tasmanian miners.

Not surprising really. These are songs of life and death, hope and fear, victory and pain.

I got a big shock when I replayed "In Your Honour" today. The lyrics of every song off that double album seem to have been written just for the trapped men.

Lines such as these from "Miracle" would speak rather strongly to them....

Crazy but I'm relieved this time
Begging for sweet relief of blessing empty sky

Dying behind these tired eyes
I've been losing sleep
Please come to me

Hands on a miracle
I got my hands on a miracle
Believe it or not, hands on a miracle
And there ain't no way
Let you take it away

Everything that we survived
It's gonna be alright
Just lucky we're alive
Got no vision I've been blind
Searching every way you're right here in my sights


or from "Another Round"

Can you go another round?
I will follow you down and out
Lets go another round
I will follow you down and

We could just lay around
Stare at the ceiling

or from "Over and Out"

Cages and alarms
Keeping us from harm
I will be the guard
Hope to rest upon
Everything is done
Nothing left at all

Are you there?
Do you read me?
Are you there?
I don't feel you anymore

And other tracks are similar!

Dockers are Fighters

Justice is done! Dockers given the points. This is the outcome I foreshadowed last Sunday. Common sense has prevailed. Well done the AFL.

Runners are Fighters

There is no finish line. Even after 58 years including 44 years of running the fight is still in me. I will need every bit of fight to win the challenge against the Speedy Geese relay team in the half marathon on 14 May.

While I am on a roll today, here is my half marathon pace plan
(a) run every km in exactly 4:15.

And here is my race plan
(b) watch Katie for the first 7km not letting her get too far ahead. I may catch her but she will kick past me as she approaches the first change at Scrivener Dam.

(c) pass Charlie up the first hill after Scrivener then hold her off for the next 7km by surging down every hill.

(d) in the last 7km, when Maria catches me on the flat, sit in behind her then out-sprint her to the line. (Have I ever out-sprinted Maria? This may be a first.)

That will give me a time of 89:40 and the relay team a time of 89.45. My best chance is to have a good lead over Maria when she takes over!

Still, you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men. I wonder if the saying applies to geese?

Wednesday, 3 May 2006

Team Moore Dinner

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We will be having our end of season training group dinner on Monday 15 May, 7:00 pm, at the Two Sisters Lao Thai restaurant, corner of Badham and Woolley Street Dickson

For dinner and celebration of a great summer season of training and racing. Family and friends are welcome too.

Please book with me if you are coming, why not reply now so you don’t forget! The deadline for booking is Thursday 11 May.

The Lao Banquet cost is $27 per person, plus byo corkage of $2.80 per bottle. Individual meals are an option, including vegetarian, please tell me when you book if that’s your preference.

Don't be a goose and train the day after the half marathon. Come to the dinner instead.

Tuesday, 2 May 2006

Bilbys revisited. Real bilbys

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Real bilbys can be found on in their thousands. Here are two examples.

yes it's roger.

but who is in the bilby suit?

Monday, 1 May 2006

May Day

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Easter Sunday 5000m in 19.26

My progress

last week’s target 100km achieved 97km
I felt OK at the start of the week but really tired at the end, so much so that the 10km race on Sunday was almost impossible to handle. Think I will do this week’s training a lot slower. Only two weeks until the half marathon.

weight 64 kg weight loss 1 kg
a total weight loss of just 3 kg, I am resetting this to zero today 1 May.

this week’s target 110km

song of the week Friend of a Friend – Foo Fighters

quote of the week What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander

Mayday mayday!

Easter Sunday 5000m in 19.26

Easter photographs
There has been a bit of a delay, but now all the photographs from Easter are available. They can be found at Now that all the photos can be seen there, I will be ordering large versions of what you see in this post, plus others of the training group winning their medals. Have a browse and order some yourselves.


Easter Sunday 5000m in 19.26

Team Moore results from Majura 10k Vets handicap
16 Barbara Tucker W55 55:50
20 Charlie McCormack W40 48:56
23 Roger Pilkington M45 42:51
27 David Baussman M45 47:26
29 John Kennedy M55 42:33
36 Cathy Newman W45 47:43
39 Jill Brown W55 58:32
41 Geoff Moore M55 43:24
46 John Alcock M60 49:56
48 Rod Lynch M45 41:04
49 Christopher Lang M55 53:30
52 Alan Duus M60 49:23
53 Gabrielle Brown W40 53:03
54 Maria O'Reilly W50 45:53
56 Ruth Baussmann W55 58:26
57 Margaret McSpadden W55 57:33
65 Geoff Barker M60 51:49
71 Zel Bodulovic M50 46:13
75 Neville Madden M50 48:15
76 Peter McDonald M50 52:17
79 Graeme Small M60 59:35

Team Moore results from Majura 5k Vets handicap
2 Amanda Walker W35 26:41
7 Katie Forestier W40 21:21 silver medal!
23 Gary Bowen M45 21:25
33 Maureen Rossiter W55 29:07
37 Michael Roche M60 34:40