Saturday, 1 April 2006

The humiliation of running a marathon

Posted by Aki on Saturday, April 01, 2006 with 5 comments
I have to wonder what was going through Speedygeoff's mind when he volunteered to pace the sub 4 hour group. Perhaps a side effect of runner's high? Perhaps too much red cordial? However since he has entered, and will be enduring the embarrassment of floating along with helium balloons, I believe he should be subjected to further humiliation, so out on a run yesterday I got thinking of a tune he could sing as he runs along with the insane group he is pacing.

Sung to the tune of Roger Ramjet

Speedygeoff and all his friends
are running sub 4 hours,
Don't run of course and lead your runners up to Telstra Tower.

Speedygeoff he's our man,
Speedygeoff's our hero,
If he can't do it no one can,
He'll run that sub 4 zero!


  1. That from someone I once paced for a sub 2 half! The view from the tower was pretty good, wasn't it?

    By the way, welcome Aki (new contributor to this blog).

  2. True, mostly your directions are okay, unless of course there are trees around...

  3. And if we have enough breath left we will all sing it together - love it!!
    speedygeoff he's our man,
    he'll keep this group together
    he'll get us through in sub 4 hours
    no matter what the weather!

    Go speedy go!!

  4. Well, Aki, very creative, but some readers won't know Roger Ramjet, so should we tell them the tune is Yankee Doodle? Should I add that Aki and Strewth would need really screechy singing voices to do justice to the tune? Should we rewrite the chorus so that it actually scans? Should we use the words "nation" and "station", which were the rhymes in the original lyrics and are so appropriate to the marathon?

    For example the chorus could go
    "Speedygeoffrey runs straight past the
    "Icons of our nation
    "And only stops to draw a breath
    "At every third drink sta-tion"

    Darn it, I used to watch Roger Ramjet, Strewth is my vintage but how come Aki knows it? Aki must be a student of ancient art forms.

  5. I used to watch Roger Ramjet too, but I was very little - 1970's