Friday, 24 March 2006

What Relay Happened

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, March 24, 2006 with 4 comments
Our speedy W40s set an awesome 4 x 1500 record at the track in Canberra last night. Here are their splits

Charlie 5:43 {84, 91, 97, 71}
Helen 5:45 {85, 95, 97, 68}
Gabe 6:01 {89, 97, 101, 74}
Katie 5:39 {84, 93, 95, 67}

Final time 23:08.08 - an ACT and Australian record.

Vicki Victorious

The final race in the Daniels Series left Vicki in front of the women's field. In the men's, Craig Edwards came through to snatch the win, with his .5 second win over John Burns earning him the extra points he needed to pass John.

Still More Moore

Still three Moore 3000m races to go and in the women's results the fat lady is singing with Margaret McSpadden having the series sewn up although Rosemary Parker is theoretically able to catch her. In the men's the fat lady is warming up and stretching; Michael Leahey should win from Paul Considine with only Colin Farlow a threat - that is, if Colin can improve by a minute in his last two 3000s. He might be more interested in the Pennington 1500m this Thursday.


  1. Damn camera.

    I tried to get a photo of the victorious team afterwards, but the camera must have been dazzled by the euphoria/aura surronding the team.

  2. Congratulations speedy W40s! An Australian Record - Wow!

    Geoff, from the splits, it still seems like some 'even running' practise is needed.

    A pity about the photo Friar - those pink shirts (and baton) looked so cool.

  3. Ewen, my group always runs even splits in relays. They all ran evenly at 5:15 pace until they ran out of puff. So all they need is "not-running-out-of-puff" practise.

  4. I can't believe you published those splits, ssshhhheeeessssseeee!!!!!

    I think the races (like the 3km) where we count km splits rather than lap times are a much better indicator of our even running, just tell them that good stuff, huh!!!!!!

    And well done Vicki - good job taking out the Daniels - she looked great in the 100m Daniels heat last night - Yeeeeehaaaaaaa!!

    Hmmmm, even running practice......

    4 MORE SLEEPS UNTIL SURVIVOR, 4 is an even number :0)

    And Go Buster Go - 1500m heats are coming up soon......