Thursday, 23 March 2006

Funny Man

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, March 23, 2006 with 2 comments
An alleged Peter Ellet from Scullin wrote an alleged letter to the Canberra Times, published on Tuesday, which I reproduce here for the benefit of my *international* audience.

"No wonder there are so many empty drink containers littering the streets when our elite athletes set such a bad example.
"I am sick and tired of seeing long distance runners snatching at drinks, guzzling it (sic) down like pigs (spilling most in the process), then carelessly throwing the container on the ground for someone else to pick up.
"If they want a drink during the race, they should stop running, ask politely, then drop the container in the nearest rubbish bin."

So probably the two most important components of my marathon preparation have been a waste of time - with the realisation that I won't win, all the practicing I have done raising both hands in a victory salute over the finish line - and now with this letter, practicing grabbing a drink off the drink table at speed without knocking over any of the other drinks.

Good on this guy for exposing once and for all how nasty we runners are because we rubbish our city.

I do wonder however if Mr Ellet has ever gone out and observed the post-marathon cleanup gangs removing not only the cups, sponges etc left by the runners, but also the other rubbish that was there at the start such as KFC containers, chocolate wrappers and other debris discarded by the non-athletic, sedentary, obese members of our wonderful community.


  1. More Funny Men - According to Tourism Australia, buying and drinking a beer is uniquely Australian. Good thing beer drinkers never litter!

  2. The mind boggles - just imagine stopping, asking politely for a drink then seeking the nearest rubbish bin all in the middle of the marathon - I don't think so!! Mr Ellet has obviously never run in a long distance race and yes, some of the drink is spilt (horror of horrors) hopefully on ourselves to help cool us down!! I know he refers to elite athletes in his letter but we are all "guilty" of such disgusting behaviour I'm sure!! Shock horror!