Tuesday, 7 February 2006

Oh Boy! Buoyant Boden

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She's in! What more can I say! Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!

Lauren last year

In the full team, lots of other good news. But where are the 10,000m men??

Commonwealth Games Melbourne AUS, March 2006
Australian Athletics Team

100m Ambrose Ezenwa (29, NSW); Patrick Johnson (33, ACT); Joshua Ross (25, NSW) 100m T12 Jonathan Bernard (19, QLD); Paul Harpur (26, QLD) [Harpur’s Guide: Mark Whitman (33, QLD)]
200m Daniel Batman (25, NSW); Johnson; Ezenwa 200m T46 Michael Armstrong (17, ACT); Heath Francis (24, ACT); Tim Matthews (31, VIC)
400m Clinton Hill (25, NSW); John Steffensen, 23, WA; Sean Wroe (20, VIC)
800m Nick Bromley (22, NSW)
1500m Mark Fountain (24, VIC); Craig Mottram (25, VIC); Jeremy Roff (22, NSW)
5000m Mottram, Louis Rowan (28, VIC)
10,000m nil
Marathon Andrew Letherby (32, VIC); Shane Nankervis (31, VIC); Scott Westcott (30, NSW)
110m Hurdles Kyle Vander-Kuyp (34, VIC); Greg Eyears (24, NSW)
400m Hurdles Brendan Cole (24, ACT); Tristan Thomas (19, TAS); Elliot Wood (22, NSW)
3000m Steeplechase Youcef Abdi (28, NSW); Martin Dent (27, ACT); Peter Nowill (26, VC)
20km Walk Luke Adams (29, NSW); Nathan Deakes (28, VIC); Jared Tallent (21, VIC)
50km Walk Duane Cousins (32, VIC); Deakes; Chris Erickson (24, VIC)
4x100m Relay Batman; Ezenwa; Johnson; Adam Miller (21, NSW); Ross; Matt Shirvington (27, NSW);
4x400m Relay Batman; Hill; Mark Ormrod (23, SA); Steffensen; Chris Troode (23, WA); Wroe
High Jump Kane Brigg (18, QLD); Nick Moroney (33, NSW)
Pole Vault Paul Burgess (26, WA); Steve Hooker (23, VIC); Dmitri Markov (31, SA)
Long Jump Fabrice Lapierre (22, NSW); Tim Parravcini (24, QLD); John Thornell (20, NSW)
Triple Jump Alwyn Jones (21, SA); Andrew Murphy (36, NSW); Michael Perry (28, NSW)
Shot Justin Anlezark (28, QLD); Clay Cross (28, NSW); Scott Martin (23, VIC)
Discus Martin; Benn Harradine (23, VIC); Aaron Neighbour (28, VIC) Discus Seated F55/56 Terry Giddy (55, NSW); Richard Nicholson (35, ACT); Bryan Stitfall (21, WA)
Hammer Stuart Rendell (33, ACT)
Javelin Jarrod Bannister (21, QLD); Oliver Dziubak (23, WA); William Hamlyn-Harris (28, NSW)
Decathlon Richard Allan (26, QLD); Jason Dudley (21, QLD); Matt McEwen (34, QLD)

100m Sally McLellan (19, QLD) 100m T38 Lisa McIntosh (23, VIC); Katherine Proudfoot (28, NSW); Katrina Webb (28, SA)
200m Melanie Kleeberg (24, QLD); Crystal Attenborough (22, NT); Lauren Hewitt (27, VIC)
400m Rosemary Hayward (25, NSW); Jaimee-Lee Hoebergen (17, NSW); Tamsyn Lewis (27, VIC);
800m Libby Allen (VIC, 25); Erica Sigmont (VIC, 23); Suzy Walsham (NSW, 32) 800m T54 Angie Ballard (23, NSW); Christie Dawes (25, NSW); Eliza Stankovic (24, VIC)
1500m Lisa Corrigan (21, NSW), Sarah Jamieson (30, VIC); Walsham
5000m Jamieson; Sonia O’Sullivan (36, VIC), Eloise Wellings (23, NSW)
10,000m Benita Johnson (26, VIC); Anna Thompson (29, VIC)
Marathon Kerryn McCann (38, NSW); Lauren Shelley (29, WA); Kate Smyth (33, VIC)
100m Hurdles Fiona Cullen (26, QLD); McLellan
400m Hurdles Lauren Boden (17, ACT); Sonia Brito (26, VIC); Jana Pittman (23, VIC)
3000m Steeplechase Donna MacFarlane (28, TAS); Victoria Mitchell (23, VIC); Melissa Rollison (22, QLD)
20km Walk Jane Saville (31, NSW); Natalie Saville (27, NSW); Cheryl Webb (29, NSW)
4x100m Relay Attenborough; Preya Carey (22, NSW); Cullen; Hewitt; Kleeberg; McLellan; Tania Van-Heer (35, SA)
4x400m Relay Brito; Hayward; Hoebergen; Lewis; Pittman; Caitlin Willis (23, QLD)
High Jump Claire Mallett (21, NSW); Ellen Pettitt (19, WA); Petrina Price (21, NSW)
Pole Vault Tatiana Grigorieva (30, QLD); Kym Howe (25, WA); Vicky Parnov (15, WA)
Long Jump Lisa Morrison (24, VIC); Kerrie Taurima (26, ACT); Bronwyn Thompson (28, QLD)
Triple Jump Jeanette Bowles (27, VIC)
Shot Dani Samuels (17, NSW) Shot Seated F54-58 Asti Poole (25, QLD)
Discus Monique Nacsa (29, QLD); Samuels Javelin Rosie Hooper (27, VIC); Kimberley Mickle (21, WA); Kathryn Mitchell (23, VIC)
Hammer Brooke Billett-Kruger (25, SA); Karyne Di Marco (28, NSW); Gabrielle Neighbour (22, VIC)
Heptathlon Jane Jamieson (30, NSW); Kylie Wheeler (26, WA)


  1. Go Lauren!

    There are no 10,000m men because all that tried were too slow.

    We have a full field of steeplechasers though - 3 women and 3 men! One of the men is local Marty Dent - a great result for him and coach Hugh Ford as both are full-time workers.

  2. Yay!

    Also go Caitlin! :)

  3. Wow, what a fantastic achievement for Lauren. Congratulations. We can all cheer and go ballistic watching her in our loungerooms while Neil and Kerry do the same trackside when she runs. Go Lauren Go :0)