Monday, 13 February 2006

My Progress

Posted by speedygeoff on Monday, February 13, 2006 with 4 comments
last week’s target 90 km, achieved 91 km
this week’s target 95 km
weight 66 kg, total weight lost 1.0 kg
quote of the week “have no fear. No-one's getting out of here alive" – Foo Fighters, D.O.A.

My highlight of the week was running 19:51 for 5km on Friday over the Customs course. This after being quite sore from successive long runs on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

If anything the Customs course is slightly long, and the hill at the end slow. So this is my first sub twenty this year, hopefully the first of many. In 2005 I only managed it once; on a fast course in the Adelaide parklands, where I confess to running very unevenly, leading through the first km runners who went on to break 18 minutes.

This time the splits were pretty even, and I put in a better than usual effort over the Regatta Point Hill at the end.

And now we have just returned from a delightful three days/two nights with the four grandchildren and their parents in Flinders, Shellharbour, not returning until we had seen the two eldest off to their primary school for the day today.


  1. Welcome back speedygeoff - glad you had a great time. Sorry I didn't make it to your session tonight. My body today me I needed a rest day! Well done on a fantastic time at the Customs run. That will be hard to top! May see you at Stage 88 tomorrow.

  2. OOps - typo - meant to say "my body told me...."

  3. strewth, you could have run with me at the back of the pack. It was lonely there by myself.

    You're going well Geoff - to run that 5k time in a 90k week!

  4. well I am aiming for a sub 19 minute 5k this year so I hope to make around 20 second nature. Strewth, fancy you forgoing a session of 12 40 second sprints with 80 seconds to jog back! (with a dozen other runners.) I felt fitter than ever again today doing that session.
    This week I plan to race only the BBQ stakes on Wednesday (unless there's a heat wave), and the Vets on Sunday. Still I might see you Tuesday after all as a dinner engagement I had has been cancelled.