Monday, 20 February 2006

Loooong running

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Chasing Metal
This is the week I put my Nationals entry in - mostly plan B as I won't be expecting to have recovered from the previous week's marathon in time. I have entered the 800 (I am not at all likely to start in this), 1500 (unlikely), 5000 (here's hoping), 10000 (not likely) and 8k cross country( should be able to start this one) at Easter in Canberra.

This week I also kept up the long running and at the same time managed a very good thirty second pb at the BBQ Stakes on Wednesday, and quite a good run in the Vets Handicap where I picked up the bronze medal on Sunday.

Handicap Results
North Curtin 6.5k
6 Annette Sugden W40 30:47
8 Geoff Moore M55 27:18 (bronze)
14 Peter McDonald M50 31:14
17 Caroline Campbell W60 34:49
21 David Baussman M45 30:31
24 Rod Lynch M45 25:49
27 Maria O'Reilly W50 29:02
29 John Alcock M60 31:54
42 Ruth Baussmann W55 36:47
48 Colin Farlow M40 25:52
50 Peter Hogan M55 32:06
63 Roger Pilkington M45 28:53
83 Graeme Small M60 38:08
85 Alice Scott W60 41:58
108 Alan Duus M60 41:41

North Curtin 3.0k
6 Helen Larmour W45 12:39
8 Neil Boden M55 12:54
16 Katie Forestier W40 12:25
31 Kerry Boden W45 17:48
32 Michael Roche M60 17:49
Regular Report

last week’s target 95 km, achieved 90 km
this week’s target 85 km
weight 65.5 kg, weight loss 0.5 kg, total weight loss 1.5 kg

I only ran 90 km because of an unscheduled day off on Friday - at the only opportunity I had to run that day, it was far far too hot. The weather looks better this week.

Some people are so easily offended.

song of the week Never Be Rude To An Arab - Monty Python, Contractual Obligation.

Never be rude to an Arab
An Israeli, or Saudi, or Jew
Never be rude to an Irishman
No matter what you do

Never poke fun at a Nigger
A Spic, or a Wop, or Kraut
And never poke fun at a … “KABOOM!”

Curiously, this track wasn’t censored, but another track, “Farewell to John Denver”, was removed from all but the earliest copies of the “Contractual Obligation” album. I am a proud owner of one of the rare early copies with the track intact. Make an offer.

p.s. on the subject of being easily offended

* I am a born again Christian
** "Life of Brian" is one of my top favorite movies
*** I laugh at funny cartoons!

quote of the week * Life is short. Enjoy it. Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue.


  1. Congratulations on your bronze medal - what a race - and what a cartoon (love it) - lol!

  2. But I do think He has an unfair advantage ON water!!

  3. Congratulations!
    Also that cartoon and the jokes are really funny!!

  4. You can't beat metal Geoff. Well done on the bronze in the handicap!

    Oh, and good use of the elbows against a certain person who was running like a girl at Parly House.