Monday, 27 February 2006

Backs to the Wall? … Back to the Gym.

Posted by speedygeoff on Monday, February 27, 2006 with 3 comments

last week’s target 85 km, achieved 90 km
this week’s target 110 km
weight 65 kg, weight loss 0.5 kg, total weight loss 2 kg
gym one workout
song of the week Changes by 3 Doors Down
quote of the week “Age and treachery will triumph over youth and ability”

I raced the 1500m on Saturday – I wanted to run the first lap in 80 to 85 seconds and kick on from there, but the first lap was only 90 seconds and the other laps were slower. That’s unusual for me when all indicators showed I should be able to run around 5:10. And I had jogged Thursday and Friday in preparation. So I decided to return to the gym on Sunday and do something different as a wake up call to the body. The gym session consisted of 40 minutes on the stepper, 12 chin-ups, sixty hip flexors and thirty lat pull-downs. I am not sore and plan to do that session two or three times a week from now on!

On a brighter note I broke my BBQ Stakes pb by one whole second on Wednesday – it was hotter than the previous week when I set the new pb, and it felt like I was running slower and easier.

What a difference three days makes.


  1. Clearly you were pre-menstral on Saturday :0)!!!!!!!

  2. You are right katie. He was suffering from PMS (plodding muscle syndrome). That's when you've trained so much for 5k your legs forget they're running a 1500 and plod off as though in a 5000.

  3. Love the running form in that cartoon - I think that horse sounds like speedygeoff talking about strewth at the Cross Country last week!! Good session tonight - I enjoyed it.