Friday, 23 December 2005

Team Moore Track Results yesterday

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, December 23, 2005 with 2 comments
Starting in the New Year I will stop listing everybody here, and change to just mentioning track highlights. After all, the results are on the ACTVAC website.

It was hot! Omitting the Daniels and the Relay, here for the last time are the full results for Team Moore members.

3000 metres early
Richard Faulks 11:06
Rod Lynch 11:14
Alan Duus 13:10
Geoff Barker 14:37
Pam Faulks 16:02
Carol Baird 13:38
Margaret McSpadden 14:52

100m Gift Women
2 Maureen Rossiter
4 Vicki Matthews

1 Mile Run
Rod Lynch 5:27.28
Gary Bowen 5:50.12
Michael Leahey 5:19.45
Ken White 5:52.37
Trevor Cobbold 5:55.77
Geoff Moore 6:16.39
Neil Boden 6:37.46
Kevin Chamberlain 6:18.00
Geoff Barker 7:13.76
Tony Booth 6:39.9
Jenny Langton 5:34.45
Katie Forestier 6:12.31
Maria O'Reilly 6:04.48
Kathy Sims 6:25.54
Margaret McSpadden 7:52.17

3000m later event
Michael Leahey 10:43.94
Ken White 12:27.07
Tony Booth 13:58.2

Geoff Moore 22:09.19

High Jump
Ewen Thompson 1.35
Jenny Langton 1.35

Ewen Thompson 18.13

1 Mile Walk
Ewen Thompson 8:40
Geoff Barker 10:40
Carol Baird 9:53


  1. ' speedygeoff '

    Many thanks for all your work over the last year.

    It has been fun reading your blogs and the comments that go with them.

    Sorry to see your results section shutting down, I always waited keenly for them.

    Oh well, " ce la vie. "

    Yours in Running Writing

    Gary (GRIFFIN) Bowen

  2. I am open to arm twisting... as far as what results I post.

    Thank you and all the other keen runners too for your kind thoughts.