Monday, 5 December 2005

Not running, playing

Posted by speedygeoff on Monday, December 05, 2005 with 3 comments
Here is a fun game to play. Even if you tire of it, your primary school age children will love it.

Additional. For those currently training with us -
At North Lyneham this Tuesday I might be late - I suggest we run four of those 700m circuits (yes, up the middle hill through the long grass) on 5 minutes, maybe on six minutes if it is hot which it might well be, working fairly hard on each one.

Then the plan for next week is to start shorter running at North Lyneham, designed specifically for middle distance runners. This is because most of the middle distance specialists are running with us Tuesdays rather than Mondays.

(Middle Distance: definition: 800m and 1500m track races)

Track this Thursday includes the rerun of the Pennington 3000. Again I might be late - and miss it - in any case I will be full of Thai food and red wine - so missing it won't worry me too much. After track we plan to go off to Zeffirelli.

Do remember to reply about Saturday's BBQ.


  1. I will probably miss this Tuesday's session (reluctantly) but I am having problems with the piriformis/sciatic nerve. Hills seem to aggravate it at the moment so will stick to running on the flat.

  2. Dear oh dear - I turned up at 6:10pm expecting to see a whole lot of cars and no-one was there. When I got home a large limb was off one of my trees. Starke street was closed with a large tree being cleared away there too. Was there a storm that kept everyone away I wonder? From inside, I had only noticed five minutes of rain. How many storms is that we've had in the last few weeks?

  3. love the 'game'... but according to the scoring I'm not bored enough - I'll have to come back another time :o)