Monday, 10 October 2005

Masters Day Four

Posted by speedygeoff on Monday, October 10, 2005 with 7 comments
Last day of masters on the track and my chance to excel. And at last some fine weather although the breeze still hampers attempts to round the top bend. Anne sets her third ACT W70 record; Roger runs his squillianth event (only two events for him today; the pentathlon and the 5000); Michael Leahey runs his first race and gains silver in the M50 5000 (an excellent run).

After praising the organisers yesterday, I must say today that the organisation of the lap scorers for the 5k was woeful in the extreme; can't have everything done well I suppose.

For years I have been looking forward to my first run on Santos Stadium, as it is right next door to where I lived in Mile End from 1948 until 1969, and I think after today I can only say that I am still looking forward to my first run at Santos Stadium. I lined up for the M55 5000, the gun fired, away we went, I ran the first ten meters, and my left calf tore. The only other highlight for me was being taken in a wheelchair all the way around the track in front of the stand while the race continued for everyone else. (But please just tell my non-friends I was first to finish.) Fortunately the tear was very mild and should repair in a few days with proper treatment; "just a flesh wound" says Jenny (ha ha.), but it is enough for me to officially DNS the other races I have entered and come home early.

Summary of the 2005 Australian Masters - low standards with only a couple of exceptions; few interstate entrants; enthusiastic locals and a good venue; and lovely city, the best in Australia.

See you Thursday at training then!


  1. Bad luck Geoff - Gary will be devastated!!

    Well at least you made a spectacle of yourself, being carted off the track in a 'wheelchair', that's impressive - yup the 1st to finish - good job.

    Have a safe trip back, we will look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

  2. Katie said it all, I hope the 'flesh wound' heals quickly.

  3. Ouch! Sorry to hear your news Geoff - so disappointing but at least you still have that first run at Santos Stadium to look forward to another time! Did Jenny take photos of your little adventure?? Some people will do anything for attention!! Have a safe trip home from your beautiful city.

  4. Just a flesh wound, huh? Not good... hope you let mum drive on the way home then! Although, I suppose you don't need that leg to drive??!
    You can always pass the time playing Josiah's favourite car game "I Spy"... the title, however, is not an indication of the rules, as the "answer" can be anything, anywhere, anytime, real or imagined...but most commonly "dinosaurs". I'm sure we'll be over to visit soon. :o)

  5. Chinup Charlie11 October, 2005

    Well if you look on the bright side Geoff, if we have any wheelchair races this season at Vets Track and Field you will be the favourite. Those calves of yours need to be looked after.
    See you soon.

  6. Congratulations on being the first to finish Geoff! You didn't say if you were leading for the first 10 metres.
    See you on Monday in the daylight at PH.