Thursday, 5 May 2005

Cold Weather Running

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I much prefer running in cold weather than in hot. It is easier to warm yourself up than it is to cool yourself down. On top of that, Canberra isn’t usually cold in the extreme, although visitors from elsewhere in Australia often seem to think so.

Generally, cold weather makes running easier. Since there is less heat buildup, there is less body fluid lost, and the cool temperature makes running more invigorating. But when the mercury drops down towards zero degrees C, however, we have to start thinking about taking a little care.

Cold weather running tips.
1. Wear a series of thin layers. And close to your skin, you’ll need material that is warm and does not retain moisture.

2. Men, you may be thankful of an extra layer of underwear.

3. Over heating can still occur when it is cold! As you warm up through running, peel off each layer before you start sweating. Too much sweat accumulation will freeze and cause problems.

4. It may be advisable to warm-up indoors before venturing outside. You may walk, jog in place, use an indoor track, or exercise on the machines (cycle, rowing, stair, etc.). Before you start sweating, go outdoors and you’ll have a reservoir of warmth to get you down the road.

5. Start your run going into the wind. This allows you to come back with the wind behind you, and if you tire or get sore, you will be less cold if you have to slow down.

6. If your outer garment has long sleeves it is easier to remove and tie around your waist as you heat up.

7. Consider dividing your run into two sections and ducking inside in between, where you might want to remove an outer layer.

8. Run where there is shelter available. Getting caught in the open in hail, freezing wind and rain, or lightning is no fun at all.

So there you have it. Canberra has not had any cold weather yet this year. But it will come with a vengeance. When it does, be prepared!


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