Friday, 6 May 2005

21 visits per day

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, May 06, 2005 with 3 comments
It is nearly four months since I started this blog. A couple of weeks ago I added a counter, which tells me we are averaging 21 visits per day.

When you visit you are welcome to write comments. Simple instructions follow.

You can add a comment to a post. Try it now!
Anybody can add a comment to this page.
The process is - decide which post you wish the comment to be added to.
Go down to the end of the post and you will see a comment count (e.g. "- posted by speedygeoff @ 10:26 AM 0 comments").
The last (blue) part is a link to any comments.
Click on the link and just the post and its comments (if any) appear.
Now you can see at the end another link - the words "post a comment" in blue again. Click on it!
If you write an anonymous comment, please include your name so we know who you are.
Or if you are registered with, you will be able to add a comment under your registered name.

And you can create a post not just a comment.
But you will have to email me (speedygeoff at first if you want to write posts.


  1. Anonymous08 May, 2005

    *waves to Geoff*

    ~Thea :)

  2. Anonymous08 May, 2005

    Just testing Geoff. Yes, it works! I didn't realise you were that much of a grandfather.

    ~ Wombat

  3. Hi Geoff. Yes it works. I enjoy reading your blog regularly just to keep up with what my friends are doing. Keep up the good work.