Thursday, 21 April 2005

Training at Parliament House

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, April 21, 2005 with 4 comments
Circuit training at Parliament House was GREAT last Monday night. We have certainly had mild and enjoyable running weather recently (although some rain as soon as training finishes would be welcome!). Nevertheless, five more people were introduced to the fitness circuit, including newcomer Carolyn fresh from her debut marathon. Great to see her join the group; anyone who has been around for more than a couple of years will know what struggles she has had with her health.

At training I couldn't manage more than two chinups in succession, so THAT'S IT! I have joined a gym. This time to do some upper body training so I can work towards minimum respectable upper body strength. Fancy - fifteen years ago I could a dozen chins no problem. Now only two and no longer "no problem". Anyway, I was tossing up which gym to join when on Tuesday Kathy Sims suggested Canberra Uni; I checked it out and it seems ideal - always open, lots of room, not expensive, aerobics class options thrown in, and a contemporary feel to it. Stay tuned (highly tuned!) and you may read how it goes!

Back to Parliament House - yes it's on again as usual on the 25th; despite it being Anzac day. Oh yes, it was getting darker this week too, so if you are coming along you may need to bring a TORCH.


  1. For more on Parliament House, see post dated April 5 (in archives).

  2. i find the problem with the chinup is... i'm not sure which one of my chins is suppose to get over the bar... ha! goodluck ole man...

  3. hey ronaldo, you are the first "visitor" to comment. We will do it mate; I will try for 12 chins in a row by next April, you can just try for 12 chins. Or wasn't that the plan?

  4. ah geoff... you have half the body weight i do, but then again, toothpicks for arms!!!! you're on!!!!