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Women's running in Canberra is booming.

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People may not know it, but our ACT chief minister Jon Stanhope was one of the people responsible for launching a women's only event, the jogalong, in Canberra many years ago.
When it first began, the race used to start at Deek's Drive, and years later the start was moved to Deek's Forest Park, although the run was on roughly the same course down to the river and back in Stromlo forest.
After the bushfires of January 2003, the venue moved to its present location at Weston Park.

Our training group has many women members who are regular participants in the jogalong. Here are their Personal Best times for the Weston Park course only. I have included Carol Ey because she used to be part of the group way back in time!

01 Maria O’Reilly 24.52 Sept 2003
02 Carol Ey 25.06 Oct 2003
03 Kathy Sims 25.58 Mar 2003
04 Annette Sugden 26.14 May 2004
05 Michelle Wells 26.36 May 2003
06 Rae Palmer 27.11 May 2003
07 Cathy Montalto 27.17 Sept 2003
08 Helen Larmour 27.24 Sept 2004
09 Annemarie Calnan 27.47 Sept 2004
10 Mary Ann Busteed 28.06 June 2003
11 Charmaine Knobel 28.53 May 2004
12 Gaby Brown 30.11 Sept 2004
13 Margaret McSpadden 30.21 Aug 2003
14 Carolyne Campbell 30.36 Sept & Oct 2003
15 Clare Gunning 30.58 Nov 2004
16 Alison Sims 32.16 Nov 2004
17 Mandy Chew 32.36 May 2004
18 Philippa White 32.41 Sept 2004
19 Amanda Knobel 33.03 July 2004
20 Marian Blake 33.50 June 2003
21 Consie Larmour 38.03 June 2004

Helen last spring - we welcomed Helen back from her travels abroad at February's jogalong.
Over two hundred women and girls competed in the three jogalong events on Sunday. A great turnout, indicative of how good this event is, and how well it is organised. I will publish some times for that event here.... when they become available.

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  1. The jogalong results finally became available on Monday 14th.
    I have posted them under that heading (above).
    By the way, the 14th of February is a very special day.
    It is the 2nd anniversary of my retirement.