Wednesday, 2 February 2005

This site - how to add a comment

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, February 02, 2005 with 2 comments
Anybody can add a comment to this page. The process is - decide which post you wish the comment to be added to. Go down to the end of the post and you will see a comment count (e.g. "- posted by geoff @ 8:54 AM 0 comments"). The last (blue) part is a link to any comments. In fact, anything in blue in (my) blog is some kind of link. Click on the link and just the post and its comments (if any) appear. now you can see at the end another link - the words "post a comment" in blue again. Click on it!
Then if you are registered as a blogger user you will be able to add a comment under your registered name. Otherwise I (in my blog again) allow anonymous comments; in which case please put your name in the comment text so we know who you are. It should be plain sailing from there.

The way this is structured - there are three "entities" - comments; posts, and the blogs themselves. A comment is what I hope you will now have no problem adding. A post is what I add (daily) and gradually I am sending "invites" to others to join, as "contributors", which if they accept means they will be able to add posts. Finally, a blog is the whole thing, an on-line journal thingy on a particular topic or whatever you want it to be. And you or I can create additional blogs for other purposes with other interest groups or just personal ones, e.g. an on-line record of one's training.

Finally, if you are keen to originate posts on this blog, I can add you sooner rather than later to the list of contributors. Just let me know!


  1. That makes sense Geoff. I tried it and it works! This weather is a bit ordinary. I wanted to run 18+k this afternoon but don't like the horizontal rain. We'll see.

  2. Fine! Soon I will figure out what to say about how to add posts not just comments, and write that up.